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Production Capacity

Nagsun Apparel has a production capacity of approximately 1,000 woven pieces (shirts, blouses and shorts) and 2,000 knitted pieces (Merino wool products, cycling wear, swimwear, T-shirts, polo shirts and school uniforms) per day.

Production Technology

Nagsun Apparel is committed to continuous improvement which includes selection of advanced manufacturing systems and machines. Almost all of our machinery is Japanese engineered and computerized. We use a modern PAD System (AUS) for CADCAM, and customers are able to provide us with patterns and markers from any system by simply converting into DXF format.


Due to Fiji’s close proximity to key markets, Nagsun Apparel is able to deliver garments within tight production lead times. Production setup also allows smaller production runs to be made, thus redefining overall lead time for the customer.